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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The contents of this post will leave you hopefully wanting more.

I will be on the radio tomorrow. You can listen live if you live in Boise or stream it live if you live somewhere else. You can find that stuff here: RADIO BOISE. I'm nervous about using swear words and generally making a fool of myself. It's been an exciting week and we are only at Wednesday. I have switched from the dreaded Macintosh and am now on the laptop again so expect me to get saucy whilst I can.

It looks like I have not posted anything for  a week or so. The last week saw me working for Archie's Place on a non-delivery status and helping Jason out with getting great food out the door of the truck. I can't tell you how important and amazing this food is and must say that if you have not had it, you are bordering on being foolish. We helped with the opening of Woodland Empire Alecraft ( a new brewery) and again, they are amazing on many levels including taking chances and realizing dreams and if you have not tried their beer yet...foolish. 

crap. enough with the promotion bullshit right? what say you bluerabbit? what is indeed the stuff? Jeesh, I wish I knew. It has been, as I said, an exciting week. The radio gig tomorrow is sort of consuming me right now and I need to go to bed and dream about it. My kids seem happy, I am not overly consumed with self-doubt and I had a great dinner tonight that I did not have to make for myself. These are the things that take the wind out of my sails as far as writing the crazy stuff. Happiness tends to make one complacent and seemingly...content? Content? Not by a long shot. There are still horses, hybrid cars, mediocrity and Seth MacFarlane to fill me full of sadness and DIScontent. I think I will rant tomorrow on the radio and leave this space a bit more blank than usual. I love you all and can't thank you enough for what you are doing for me. Roosevelt Market sold out tonight on their Chili/Potato dinner too so that is cool. Post comments below, I would love to see your words. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I have my laptop back from Roosevelt Market. I left it there one day a few weeks (month) ago after realizing I could do most of my posting about that crazy place from my phone. I am glad to have it back on my dining room table amidst the laundry and legos.  I think of Hunter when I write on this machine. It is old and the keys are deep and I pretend I am writing on a typewriter and punch the keys with purpose and action and wish he were still here for me to bounce. He's dead, we'll leave him alone. Andy is dead too but he found his way in here too. 

(EDIT) Ok. At this point I had started a list but IT GOT TOO WEIRD. Suffice to say there are too many of you....I started becoming conscious about who was on and was not and it became a thing. Let us just say that that you are all important and to put anyone on a list is just stupid. I will just attempt at generalities from now on and hope that does not hurt any feelings. 

sorry, this band keeps me from blowing my brains out: QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
(that link will last until 2/1/14 Sorry Mom) Figure these guys out. they are worth it. 

If I had a tail
I’d own the night
If I had a tail
I’d swat the flies


I still have no idea what I am doing. This site will be less and less about trying to "drum up business" and more and more about getting it all out there. What does it mean right now? What the fuck are we doing? Personally I am riding around on my bike and talking to people and that feels pretty good. I have been taking pictures of crazy stuff downtown and hope to post some of that crazy stuff here. BOTTOM LINE, I am not making enough money to continue doing what I am doing. Shall I quit doing what I am doing? Let me tell you a story....

I can't remember years very well. This is a product of too much time smoking marijuana in my teens and and bad genetics. I think it must have been around 1998, but again, don't hold me to this in any way....I was living in Minneapolis, MN and embalming dead human bodies for the medical school. We were going through a MAJOR remodel in the lab and one of the aspects of the remodel was that we were going to lose our crematory. The crematory in question is a subject for a completely different post and if you beg me I will tell that story but for now that is not the story I am telling. The crematory was gone and we had bodies to deal with. At this point it's worth mentioning that this blog is now going to get weird and gross and icky and if you are not into that and don't want to continue you should not.  We could not cremate bodies and their respective parts so we had to keep them around until we could...get "rid" of it(them).and at this point I would need to go into long description about the "hows" of anatomical embalming and maybe someday that is worth it. Worth it or not, despite what you have read for the the last long paragraph, I am attempting to make a point so let us keep doing that...We had been storing all of the skin that the first year medical students must remove in order to study the human body adequately. In the past (prior to the crematory being offline) we could simply dispose of this material by incinerating it as it it became available. We needed to store this material until we had a contingency plan in place. This plan became a reality. The lab had contracted with a local funeral home that had an on-site crematory that was ready to dispose of our excess material in a few months . In a few months....we had amassed enough tissue to...sink a small ship. We had enough butt, boob, thigh, back, head and fill a....medium sized U-Haul. So on one incredible christmas eve a colleague and I (a colleague who's memory just reduced me to tears and deserves an entire post. Arica Pagel was a BAD ASS and could throw two dead corpses over her shoulders and dry heave and never complain and  is no longer with us on this earth because she died in a frozen lake on an icy night) filled multiple boxes the size of human bodies with butts and boobs and thighs and backs and heads and faces with feet and hands and we loaded those boxes into a medium sized U-Haul truck and cried and laughed with insanity and exhaustion.The next day, those boxes would be taken to the crematory and that was funny too.

It was my job to drive the truck to the crematory. I did it all by myself. Behind the cockpit lay hundreds and hundreds of pounds of dead human flesh belonging to sixty or seventy or so dead human bodies.  Given what had already been done over the past few days this particular craziness had no effect on me as I drove down the road. What did have an effect on me was the flat stretch of pavement that lied directly in front of me. I was not from the area surrounding Minneapolis, Minnesota, and had never ventured very far from the apartment I lived in. I had jumped on a few freeways to explore strange malls and stupid pond/lakes but never had I gone to the interior of the suburbs proper to explore the regions of true sprawl and the incest that is the mid-western mini/mega city.  This is not necessarily a good defense to my idiocy. Low bridges exist regardless of where you are from. You need to be ready for them. I was not an unprepared driver and knew what I could be confronting, I had shot gaps with a half crazed diphenhydramine addict and seen the other side. I had been on the downhill side of Donner pass when the bong froze and drastic measures needed to be taken.  This was different. I had on board almost three thousand pounds of human flesh and fat and the oncoming bridge was something I had never conceived of. Oh Shit. If this bridge is too low I am fucked. I will let your minds expand upon this scenario and not go all GONZO on the idea of what...could have happened...

It did not. (We) made it to the other side of that bridge and all of those boobs and thighs and backs were not strewn across the highway in madness and grease. They (it?) were/was burned up in a great fire inside a retort that would consume thousands of dead human bodies before and after I ever brought my decomposing heap. I would imagine it was beautiful but I was not there. I unloaded the material and high tailed it out if the there with  classic rock and a cigarette. 

So what does this all mean? What are we talking about here? Let me tell you about it. It's called FEAR. 

Oh crap. FEAR? WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD?  Fuck that, I just want your attention at this point....Fear is what we make of it. How hard is it to try new things? REALLY HARD! Bridging the gap between knowing what we are doing and not knowing what we are doing is all we have. The great leap of faith is as old as the sun. It is also the thing that helps us jump OFF bridges and not go over/under/around them. Sometimes we need to just blast right through them in order to understand that we can get through anything. Fuck bridges. Sometimes we need to leave a trail of dead bodies behind us to learn where we were supposed to go. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

So it's Thursday as I write this. It was a good Thursday. 

Had a great Wednesday with the good folks at PAYETTE BREWING CO. and FOOD TRUCK RALLY. ARCHIE'S PLACE  was there and a good time was had. Lots of awesome food truck business was discussed and I got to spiel about delivering said business if proper paths coincide. 

The roads have been CRAZY out there for bicycles. Every time we get the white stuff dumped on us it becomes a struggle to move efficiently. When the slushcrud blocks out the shoulders of the road, maneuvering becomes a completely different animal. I ride with studded snow tires during these times but it is still a struggle. White stuff = white knuckles. 

We officially started delivering for P. DITTY'S WRAP WAGON today. How cool are they? Super cool. We are doing it again tomorrow and this makes me happy. They will be around 13th and Main if you to wander down there but obviously the words previous to obviously mean nothing because I will bring it right to your face. (I wish the photo below was indicative of the current weather situation...)

SO.  ALL THAT BEING SAID. Thanks to everyone for all of the good vibrations. I am incredibly excited for the future right now and I think you should be too. Works in progress are scary. This Blue Rabbit thing is a work in progress but I am less and less scared every day. This town is on the precipice for some really neat-o $#!% to go down. I have lived here for 41 years (with a few breaks here and there) and I have NEVER been so excited about the possibilities. The burner of creativity and energy in this town is on high. I am a pretty proud native right now and am beaming that I get to be a part of it. 

I think in the next few posts I am going to spotlight the people(s) in this town that have made a difference in changing the landscape of Les Bois. Feel free to comment on who that might be to you these days. Also, I will be taking more photos of my daily encounters and posting them here. I hope this will meet with your high standards. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Attempting to do something you have never done is usually pretty stupid unless you know what you are doing. I have no idea what I am doing. I was lucky enough to be "written up" in the local daily periodical and while I can't be more humbled and grateful for the exposure, the article did more for self- doubt and loathing than I could possibly imagine. There were photos, they were great, in one I look like I am trying to do ballet stretches. Over the past few days I have been watching people out of the corner of my eye point at me and stare, reciprocating waves and "hellos" on the street as I ride and generally realizing the power of "the press". I love it, I really do, it has just made me feel more self conscious than I have felt in many years. I spent a decade in front of people directing funerals and orchestrating events. I have never been shy about about speaking and acting in front of crowds. Why is this more uncomfortable than all of that? This is the question that I have been asking myself for the last few days...

It all culminates in experience does it not? Looking at the "page views" that I have received on this blog has eclipsed YEARS of another place I have written. (Careful with that last link, it could be a "rabbit hole".) SO AS FAR AS EXPERIENCE...I have ZERO doing what I am doing right now. This is troubling and exciting. At this point I am broke, scared and incredibly hopeful. Is there a better/worse place to be? I don't know.  All I do know is that I love riding my bike around the city. I love seeing the world for what it is from that perspective and whether or not I am "on to something" melts away when I am rolling around on the machine. This city of Boise is the most amazing place to ride a bike. I promise. I do not know what I am doing but I am willing at this point to tie down the self doubt and PLOW THROUGH. Who I am I to deny the universe's will of failure/progress? 

Anyway...I re-did my DELIVERY CAPACITY SYSTEM again for the 23rd time tonight. I think I am dialed in now. The system is ready to receive and deliver. Let me know what you need. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Just a little rundown. Things are heating up around here at BLUE RABBIT BICYCLE DELIVERY. It's been a fun week so far and the cold weather just makes us want it even more. This is an experiment so far and so far, it's looking like it might have promise. One thing that I don't think I have stressed enough (or even mentioned) is that I am pretty set on only delivering food and drink that purchased from local folks. That pretty much means that if you want Carl's Jr. delivered to your home or office, I probably won't do it. Same thing goes for beer, I really don't want to go to Jacksons and get you a suitcase full of Keystone Light. I mean, I suppose I would but you are going to get a bunch of crap from me and my fee is going to mysteriously go up quite a bit. 

ALL THAT BEING SAID this crazy plan is too young and fragile to get too uppity about such things. I am here for you and that is all. Feel free to share your knowledge of BLUE RABBIT BICYCLE DELIVERY with anyone that might be interested. Oh and comment below, that's always fun. -Barton
yes. that is ice in the beard.